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Our repair service.

The bicycle requires no special knowledge or skill, to use me for their maintenance. Bicycle and a human are totally sufficient unto themselves, in ass to the rules of the road (traffic lights, traffic, prohibited directions, fines ...) to those of the economy (money, corporations, mechanical, gas, tickets, controllers ...) to those of the State (property, insurance, driver's licenses, license plates, taxes ...), to those of cycling (bicistrafiga, ciclistastrafigo, sports ...), inculo to who says cycling you can't (on my bike I transported the most amazing things , are always the fastest in town, I travelled distances that I thought possible, I used it at the harshest atmospheric conditions ...)

For other repairs, before calling someone, compare the broken bike to a fixed. By removing the part in question, you will be able to understand both how much the problem is how to solve it. I know it sounds stupid to say so, but in my opinion is the best bet.

In short, a bit of cunning and the bike is not freedom, but the bike is free.


Source: "the twilight zone" <# May 8, 1999/span & lg;


For any replacement, spare part or anything else you need, we are at your complete disposal

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