• €35.00 €48.00
    €35.00 €48.00

    MOUNTAIN BIKE TIRE CROSS COUNTRY TUBELESS READY  Long time fan favorite. The Karma is available in a variety of sizes to be used in almost any condition.Small, square, low profile knobs accentuate the tread pattern Large air casing for plenty of comfort and float Front and Rear application, best when used as a set

  • €38.00 €48.00
    €38.00 €48.00

    MOUNTAIN BIKE TIRE ALL MOUNTAIN TUBELESS READY This tire is designed to be aggressive enough to rip through loamy conditions,roll smoothly over hard pack and rock, dig through loose-over-hard terrain, and just be an all around great mountain bike tire.This tire is for the rider who finds themselves on a variety of conditions on every ride or if for...

  • €35.00 €49.00
    €35.00 €49.00

    MOUNTAIN BIKE TIRE ALL MOUNTAIN TUBELESS READY The tire widely considered to be the industry standard against which all other mountain bike tires are compared has evolved.Introducing the new and improved Nevegal XPro,lighter than the original,offers the rider the classic control and predictability of the original but with less rolling resistance and...

  • €85.00

    Il copertone MICHELIN Force XC 29x2,25 è adatto a chi pratica Cross-Country/Escursione. Un modello polivalente con una mescola di gomme Gum-X3D che garantisce un'eccellente aderenza e un ottimo rendimento. Una grande solidità senza compromessi sul peso.

  • €34.00 €47.00
    €34.00 €47.00

    MOUNTAIN BIKE TIRE CROSS COUNTRY TUBELESS READY Ultimate XC Racing tire with lots of speed and grip. Well suited for a variety of riding conditions.Fast accelerating, hard-pack cross-country tire Numerous knobs provide multiple contact points with the ground; while having semi-slick speed Front and Rear application

  • €33.00 €47.00
    €33.00 €47.00

    MOUNTAIN BIKE TIRE CROSS COUNTRY SEALANT COMPATIBLE This tire is best in intermediate to hard pack terrainDesigned for speed, grip, and cornering assurance; this tire has it all for intermediate to hard-packed terrain Downhill version features 2-ply construction and Stick-E rubber; Cross-country versions feature light-weight single-ply casings and...