• €49.00 €75.00
    €49.00 €75.00

    MOUNTAIN BIKE HANDLEBARS Afterburner is our flagship aluminium riser bar and represents state of the art alloy manufacturing. The raw 7050-T6 aluminium is drawn into tapered, butted tubes,finely controlling the wall thicknesses to cope with the different demands of different sections of the bar at minimum weight.It’s available in three widths from an...

  • €128.00 €190.00
    €128.00 €190.00

    MOUNTAIN BIKE HANDLEBARS An ultralight choice for XC and marathon racers,the K-ForceFlat uses carbon/Kevlar composite construction to achieve a weight of just 120g for the 700 mm version.The unique design features an offset central bulge so that the bar is flat all the way across the top.Internal reinforcement and surface texture ensure firm clamping at...